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It’s time for a safe and inflation-proof investment

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In previous podcasts I introduced you to the Bitcoin, Coinbase, Paypal, Nexo, Revolut and Celsius platforms. If you already have an account with any of those platforms, or even all of them, you will be used to make the basic operations with crypto, but many different platforms can be confusing for some people, and many times the fluctuation of the price in crypto makes us to be a bit reluctant to use them.

This is why I am presenting today a simple way to invest some money in your future with NO risk and with a good return in interest. To do that, let’s pick a symbolic amount of money, let’s say £1,000, so the calculation of percentages will be easier.

  • The first 20% (£200 in this case) will go to buy a stablecoin (its value is not changing over the time, as always is $1). We will buy 200 USDC ($200) to be sent to our Celsius account, where we will receive a weekly payment of interest equivalent to the 11.21%.
  • £200 more will go to the Nexo platform straight away in pounds, a normal transfer bank to bank. In Nexo we can get up to 12% of interest for our pounds. Daily payments of interest.
  • £200 more will go to Nexo platform as well, but to buy some PAX Gold crypto with them. This crypto is backed by physical gold and its value goes up or down with the value of the gold, which is a very good anti-inflation hedge. Daily payments of interest up to 8%.
  • £200 more in a mix of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash and DAI so we can fight the fluctuation of prices. This mix should NOT be touched or taken from this account, as its intended to be a long term investment. I would use a cold wallet to hold it, something like the Ledger (I own two of these devices). You can get a starter package here:
  • Finally, the remaining £200 will go to the Coinbase platform if you like buying/selling crypto when the prices are changing, or you can just send it to your Revolut account to buy some mix in crypto, gold and silver.

Out of this mix I will always say that we should have some precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or even copper, but physical metals. You can buy some of them and keep them. Precious metals will be the best hedge against inflation in the bumpy financial road coming shortly.

Ludwig Ritter.

- Cartera fría para cripto -Ledger - Crypto Beginners Pack

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