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Celsius: Good interest for your crypto in a secure platform.

There are some links to watch the podcast further down in this same page at different speeds (for native and NOT native English speakers).

Celsius is a platform where you can stack your crypto to get paid every week in concept of interest. Different kinds of crypto are receiving different interest rates, but all of them get the great security of this platform with 2FA, email verification, 24 hours frozen when a withdrawal address is changed, and even the new HODL-only mode.

In crypto we call the hold operation by the name of HODL, just to give it a special name. HODL is just holding your assets, so if you want to increase the already good security of this platform, just activating the HODL-only mode, Celsius is banning any possible attempt of withdrawal, even from the very owner. Again, to increase the security, a period of 24 hours with no withdrawals will be activated when you switch off the HODL-only mode, so, remember to de-activate the HODL-only mode one day before if you need to use your crypto.

Many other things you can explore in this app, like loans in the case you need money but don’t want to sell your crypto, or even a way to send fast and free any crypto to any other Celsius owner, this system is called Cel Pay, but it has to be something I leave for you to explore the app, I guess. One important detail I don’t want to forget is how you log in, because an authorisation app like Google Authenticator or Authy will be needed. Just download Celsius with the link below and then your favourite aut. app and you are ready to go.

This is the LINK for you to start enjoying this amazing crypto platform.

And these ↓↓↓↓↓ are the links which will allow you to watch the podcast on YouTube or LBRY(when available)

Ludwig Ritter.

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